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The Master of the Monster

With Death, Those Who Saunter In

Integra Wingates Hellsing
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Name: Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

Fandom: Hellsing

Occupation: Heir to the Hellsing family and Master of the Hellsing Organization.

Information: Integra Hellsing is the sole heir to the Hellsing Organization and it's absolute master. She is a Knight of the Holy Order, London's Round Table, and absolutely loyal to Queen and Country.

She is highly intelligent, driven and considered cold by many of her enemies and most of her subordinates. However, she rules the Hellsing Orgainzation with a fair but iron fist, making it her life's work to exterminate the horrors that infest the world and protect the unknowing citizens of London from the monstrosities that lurk in the shadows. Her Organization - The Hellsing Family, as she coins it - is on a mission from God and she is determined to see it through, no matter the cost.

Despite her ruthless nature when it comes to ridding the world of monster trash, she is nevertheless fair and protective of her subordinates; she considers them part of her family. Even though she is a woman, she is quite skilled when it comes to the use of weapons and fighting; she is dedicated and has mastered the art of fencing and is an expert marksman. She stands strong in the light of her beliefs and will not back down from anything, even impressing her enemies with her strength and determination.

Her will is strong indeed, for she holds leash to the vampire Alucard, servant of her family through the bonds of magic and blood. Although he constantly tempts her with offers of more power and dark desires, she stands ever firm in the monster's shadow, determined to use him to benefit of her work. While their outward relationship seems to be that of master and servant, Integra - against her better judgement, beliefs and all around good sense - is nevertheless privately intrigued and even drawn to her own monster. But, despite her hidden personal feelings - quite possibly even hidden from herself - she will remain the master and keep herself aloof from the shadowy world through which the vampire moves.

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